FAQ - frequently asked questions on air jet sieving

  • Why buy a vacuum cleaner from ALPINE? 
    Because the underpressure is regulated direct by the vacuum cleaner motor, meaning that no peripherals such as manual venting flaps or air valves are necessary - the connection from the vacuum cleaner to the air jet sieve suffices.
  • Can I continue to use the accessories I already have?
    All the accessories you purchased for the A200 LS or the 200 LS-N (except the underpressure controller) can be used further.  
  • What is the minimum equipment needed to operate the air jet sieve?
    The vacuum cleaner, the sieve cover, the sieve adapter, the brush, the multi-PSU power pack and a laboratory balance (possibly an on-site one).
  • What kind of laboratory balances can be connected up? 
    Sartorius and Mettler, dependent on the software. Since March 2012, a database has been available with the drivers for all common laboratory balances.
  • What is the main difference between the Basic and Professional software version?
    Professional offers data evaluations, printing functions, underpressure regulation, the ability to connect up a Mettler laboratory balance, sieve set management (SOP).
  • What is the main difference between the Professional and Ultimate software version?
    USB connection for laboratory balances, user administration with password management and event logging, 21 CFR part 11 conformity, electronic records with audit trail, residual dust control, RMM (coming soon).
  • Can the nozzle speed be adjusted?
    No, the nozzle speed is fixed at 18 1/min.
  • Is a PC needed for operation? 
    No, the unit is operated via an integrated touch screen.
  • Why is a cyclone necessary?
    To collect the fines. Dependent on the product, the recovery rate with a cyclone ranges between 95 and 97%.
  • Why is a small filter necessary?
    To prevent the vacuum cleaner becoming overloaded if the air jet sieve is used constantly, and also dependent on your product, to classify the dust into fractions.


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