Tailor the possibilities of the ALPINE air jet sieve e200 LS precisely to your analysis requirements and on-site conditions. ALPINE test sieves, the automatic sieve identification, the universal adapter and the micro-precision sieves make for a reliably high and constant analysis quality.

analysis sieves

Read more about the analysis sieves and inspection certificate 3.1 for the ALPINE test sieves.

More about the analysis sieves

special sieves / micro-sieving units

Read more about the special sieves and the ALPINE micro-sieving unit.

More about the micro-precision sieves

Adapters & Covers

Whether Alpine’s previous model of test sieve or another make entirely: with the different sieve adapters, many test sieves currently on the market can be used in ALPINE‘s air jet sieve e200 LS.

More about the Adapters & Covers

Automatic sieve identification

The fully automatic sieve identification function rules out operating errors such as sieve insert errors, etc. and consequently increases the analysis reliability.

More about the Automatic sieve identification

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